Sunday, October 23, 2005

Review the lastest laminitis research papers

Hoofcare & Lameness has a few copies of the Equine Veterinary Journal's 110-page Laminitis Special Issue. It contains approximately 20 scientific papers from the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit (Dr. Chris Pollitt), the Royal Veterinary College (UK), and the papers on inflammation response in the equine foot by Dr James Belknap.

Cost is $30 each plus $5 post in USA, $10 post to Canada, $15 post air mail to the rest of the world. US funds only, please provide your name, address, and a Visa/Mastercard account number and expiry date. Supply is extremely limited but this could be a very valuable "crash course" for you if you are new to laminitis research. It will provide some idea about the research of two of our main speakers.

Send an email to , send a fax to USA 978 283 8775 or call the Hoofcare office at 978 281 3222. Sorry, there probably is not time for you to mail in an order before the conference. Thanks!

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