Sunday, October 23, 2005

Who is "SPOT"?

Spot was a special horse, and still is. He lives on in the hearts and memories of everyone who worked on him and tried to help him fight laminitis.

Spot was a stout-hearted Appaloosa who belonged to Mr. and Mrs. John Castle, who live in Palm Beach. In spite of the best care that their personal veterinarians, Dr. James Orsini of the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Rob Boswell of Palm Beach Equine Clinic, could provide, and all the expert veterinarians and farriers that they brought to Spot's side, Spot was finally laid to rest.

Spot's sad passing inspired the Castles to suggest to Dr. Orsini that an international meeting of the world's laminitis experts should be organized. They became magnanimous supporters and active participants in the first and second incarnations of the International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot.

With their support and encouragement, we are back again. You will no doubt hear Spot's name over the course of the conference. His name is also part of the Spot Courage Award, which will be presented at lunch time on Saturday.

Spot lives!

Be sure to introduce yourself to Mr. and Mrs. Castle and let them know how you are personally involved in helping horses with laminitis. They have played a huge role in making this meeting possible.

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